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A key part of our annual programme is our workshops, which we hold in Oxford University's Michaelmas Term. Through these, Praxis binds itself as a team while developing its abilities. The workshops function as the entry point to Praxis. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch!

Since December 2014, PRAXIS were introduced to Anastasia Revi – actor, director and artistic director of Theater Lab Company in London, and started our journey together with workshops through which we gained self and team awareness and the ability to create art as a team while preserving the individuality and uniqueness of each of us.

Building on the foundations of these first series of workshops, we continued with voice lessons with Anne Malone and introduction to comedy with Konstantinos Kavakiotis – actor, acting teacher and long- standing collaborator of Anastasia Revi in London and Greece.

Some of techniques used during the workshops include:

  • Internal rhythm

  • Story telling

  • Discipline of body and mind

  • Improvisation

  • Music-kinetic expression

  • Character development

  • Voice technique

  • Body alertness

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