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On the 10th of June

Written by Giorgos Iliopoulos

Directed by Anastasia Revi

The 10th of June was a sunny, summer day like any other. People would wake up as usual, look after their fields and animals, go to church. Children would go to school, young people would laugh, dream, fall in love, as usual... The 10th of June, seemed to be an ordinary summer day. Only it wasn’t.

Based on true facts, this is the story of Distomo, a story about life violently been disrupted by the ferocity of war. A story about the brutality mankind can inflict upon itself. Distomo was not the only, nor the last place on earth where people forgot what it means to be human. The 10th of June 1944 is a dark point in history that should not be forgotten and should not be repeated. People of Distomo make a plea that needs to be heard: ‘never again war!’

Simpkins Lee Theatre, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, 22-23 May, 2019.


In order of appearance

Kristiana Mitrollari

George Kapellakis

Virginia Villioti

Sevi Iosifidou

Nikos Engelis

Evangelia Kougioumoutzi

Ilias Alexeas

Lilia Papdouraki

Xenia Raptopoulou

Lydia Vie

Athina Skylogianni

Nikos Mitakidis

Sevi Filippidou

Pari Skamnioti


Creative and Production Team

Director: Anastasia Revi

Lighting Design: Yiannis Katsaris

Translation: Nikos Engelis, Sevi Filippidou, Kristiana Mitrollari, Pari Skamnioti, edited by Alan Knapman

Surtitling:  Sevi Iosifidou, Virginia Villioti

Production: Sevi Iosifidou, Evangelia Kougioumoutzi, Irini Fasia, Nikos Mitakidis

Marketing: Irini Fasia, Sevi Filippidou, Lydia Vie

Posters and printed media promotion: Athina Skylogianni

Ticket management: George Kapellakis

Programme and Graphics: Lilia Papadouraki

Stage Management: Philip Spicer

Photography: Michalis Barkoulas, Panagiotis Kyriakidis

Video: Thomas Zavros


Supporting Crew

Sound & Lighting: Marina Konta

Surtitles: Panagiota Koliatsou

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