"Dialogue was batted to and fro at a commendably brisk pace, accompanied by pulsating music."
Chris Sladen, Oxford Magazine, Trinity term 2018
Melted Butter
"This is a film-like presentation of a story where scene follows scene in a way that exposes character, tells the story and engages the audience in equal measures."
John Willimas, May 6, 2016
"Any hellenophile who still harks back to the golden age of ancient Greece would have little to judge, for Serefas’ Melted Butter was a modern classic."
Ellie Siora, Cherwell, May 16, 2016
Internal Affairs
"Many thanks (and many congratulations) to the Oxford University Greek Society for a great evening’s entertainment that may have helped me improve my Greek more than a bit. For my part, I’d very much like to see this sort of project repeated."
John Willimas, May 17, 2014
I Want A Country
"While Praxis is an amateur group, their passion and their hard work under Revi makes them seem professional. Their performances were balanced, and the group’s expertly choreographed and well-executed stage movements deserve praise." 
Sotirios Triantafyllos, Cherwell (unpublished), May 2017 
The Building
"Director Anastasia Revi has choreographed her cast in a way that is completely engaging, steering the audience through the lifetime of the building and the events around it."
John Willimas, June 12, 2015