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PRAXIS 8: A festival of Modern Greek Theatre 

"We are all different".

A journey of 8 captivating Greek plays exploring the stories and struggles of people who clash with social norms. A one-day festival introducing 8 contemporary plays about diversity and inclusivity to celebrate the work of young greek writers. The festival was presented in a unique' closet dram' form to stimulate your senses and imagination. The plays were accompanied with English surtitles.

Directed by Anastasia Revi

Plays presented:

"Those you couldn't burn", written by Danai Liodaki, translated by PRAXIS,  performed by Faidra Faitaki, Evangelia Kougioumoutzi, Lydia Vie and Angeliki Xifara.

"Beneath the Parthenon", written by Minas Vidiadis, translated by Dr. Charis Karnezi,  performed by Ilias Alexeas and Achilleas Kapanidis.

"Xerxes", written by Maria Drimi, translated by PRAXIS, performed by Anna Eleftheriadou, Sevi Filippidou, Maria-Sofia Lykou, Anastasia Revi.

"Flying Asparagus", written and translated by Natalie Katsou, performed by Faidra Faitaki, Irini Fasia, Christiana Maycea.

"Snow on my teeth", written by Dimitris Foutsias, translated by PRAXIS, performed by Ilias Alexeas, Sevi Filippidou, Achilleas Kapanidis, Alan Knapman, Lydia Vie, Angeliki Xifara.

"Insanity", written by Danai Papoutsi, translated by Sevi Filippidou, performed by Anastasia Revi.

"Antigone, foreigners, and fire", written by Penny Milia, translated by PRAXIS, performed by Ilias Alexeas, Nikos Eggelis, Irini Fasia, Sevi Filippidou, Alan Knapman, Maria-Sofia Lykou, Christiana Maycea, Lydia Vie.

"Ismene", written by Nefeli Maistrali, translated by PRAXIS,  performed by Ilias Alexeas, Anna Eleftheriadou, Sevi Filippidou. 

Simpkins Lee Theatre, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, 3 June 2023.

The Hellenic Centre, London, 25 November 2023.


Ilias Alexeas

Nikos Eggelis

Anna Eleftheriadou- Blonsky

Faidra Faitaki

Irini Fasia

Sevi Filippidou

Achilleas Kapanidis

Alan Knapman

Evangelia Kougioumoutzi

Maria-Sofia Lykou

Christiana Maycea

Anastasia Revi

Lydia Vie

Angeliki Xifara

The festival was produced by PRAXIS. 

Special thanks to Sevi Iosifidou, Afroditi Pekou, Maria Michalopoulou, Panagiota Koliatsa and Constance Kratsa for their support and the Greek Library of London for their communication sponsorship. We would also like to thank Love Coffee Co. for their sponsorship. 

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