Our Productions

Since our début in 2014 with "Internal Affairs", we have been performing annually in Oxford University's Trinity term.

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On the 10th of June

Simpkins Lee Theatre, 23-24 May, 2019

The 10th of June was a sunny, summer day like any other. People would wake up as usual, look after their fields and animals, go to church. Children would go to school, young people would laugh, dream, fall in love, as usual... The 10th of June, seemed to be an ordinary summer day. Only it wasn’t.


Simpkins Lee Theatre, 31 May- 2 June, 2018

Splinters are the small pieces of wood that penetrate the skin, or the fragments of a shattered impression. 7 short stories that together synthesise an ensemble, a play about human relationships...

I Want a Country : Θέλω Μία Χώρα

O'Reilly Theatre, 11-13 May, 2017

​How did everything suddenly fall apart? In the aftermath of a crisis, the old ways no longer serve as a means of coping with a new reality...

Melted Butter : Λιωμένο Βούτυρο

Simpkins Lee Theatre, 4-6 May, 2016

Late at night inside a University library in 2016, an Oxford academic browses through old Greek newspaper cuttings. His attention is drawn to a crime of passion: Thessaloniki 1960, cold night, hotel room, murder. He tries to piece together the story...

The Building : Το Κτίριο

Michael Pilch Studio, 11-13 June, 2015

"It's the first time I've ever spoken about this. The truth is, it's the first time I've spoken at all, uttered a word, with a human voice. Because it's generally accepted that buildings cannot speak."

Internal Affairs : Εσωτερικαί Ειδήσεις

Michael Pilch Studio, 14-17 May , 2014

​"Pantazis? Tomorrow, sir. We're closed now. We're on strike. Tomorrow." A typical confrontation between our unseen protagonist, Pantazis, and the Greek bureaucracy. Meanwhile, at the taverna, all worries are forgotten...