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Melted Butter : Λιωμένο Βούτυρο

Written by Sakis Serefas

Directed by Anastasia Revi


Inspired by true events, "Melted Butter" is a darkly psychological comedy. With his unique sarcastic writing style, Sakis Serefas takes us on a journey through the unfathomable trail of the human mind, and brings to life characters connected through an intriguing story of love, innocence, and fate.


Narrated by a playwright, it is a play within a play; the viewer is never entirely sure what is real, what is not. Through the interplay of chance and the inevitable, the characters are inexorably led to their fate. Is anyone in control of their own destiny? Is the playwright even in charge of his creation, or is the play actually writing him?


Praxis, under Anastasia's direction, have adapted Serefas' play, connecting modern Oxford with 60's provincial Greece via a dialogue between past and present, Britain and Greece, town and gown.

"Melted Butter" ran at the Simpkins Lee Theatre, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, 4-6 May, 2016.


In order of appearance

Author/Professor – Alan Knapman

Daisy – Katerina Kaselimi

Tasos – Nikos Mitakidis

Loula – Sevi Iosifidou

Litsa – Afroditi Pekou

Popi – Maria Michalopoulou

Katina – Angeliki Xifara

Fanis – Achilleas Kapanidis

Dr Philippou – Evangelia Kougioumoutzi

Savvas – Christos Astaras

Creative and Production Team

Directed by Anastasia Revi

Lighting design by Yiannis Katsaris

Translation – Alan Knapman, Afroditi Pekou, Nikos Mitakidis, Sevi Iosifidou

Production – Katerina Kaselimi, Evangelia Kougioumoutzi, Christos Astaras, Achilleas Kapanidis

Marketing – Alan Knapman, Katerina Kaselimi

Ticket management – Achilleas Kapanidis

Programme – Maria Michalopoulou

Graphic Design – Angeliki Xifara

Hair and makeup – Zoe Benekou

Supporting Crew

Sound – Akis Savvopoulos

Surtitles – Panagiota Koliatsa

Lighting – Romanos Nianios

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