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I Want a Country : Θέλω Μία Χώρα

Written by Andreas Flourakis

Directed by Anasasia Revi

How did everything suddenly fall apart? In the aftermath of a crisis, the old ways no longer serve as a means of coping with a new reality. Inspired by the current social situation in Greece, this is not just a play about Greece. The meltdown of the 'Country' as we know it brings about a popular demand for change.

Exploring the notion of the 'Country' and the social tension through a quest to define it, one tantalizing question arises. Is there a dream country after all? Can a society re-invent itself or will the country for ever remain a utopia, wishful thinking?

Written in 2013 by Andreas Flourakis, in an unconventional, chorus-like structure, the play does not follow the standard theatrical norm. With no concrete characters, scenes or dialogues, the writing ingeniously conveys a sense of volatility. Praxis and our director, Anastasia Revi, bring our 'Country' to life, and, as ever, are proud to present yet another piece of Greek contemporary theatre to the Oxford audience.

"I Want a Country" played at the O'Reilly Theatre, Keble College, Oxford, 11-13 May, 2017.


In alphabetical order

Ilias Alexeas

Eirini Fasia

Harissa Helioti

Lydia Imirtziadis

Sevi Iosifidou

Achilleas Kapanidis

Alan Knapman

Evangelia Kougioumoutzi

Klery Kourouvani

Constance Kratsa

Nikos Mitakidis

Afroditi Pekou

Angeliki Xifara

Creative and Production Team

Directed by Anastasia Revi

Lighting design by Yiannis Katsaris

Translation – Alan Knapman, Lydia Imirtziadis, Sevi Iosifidou, Klery Kourouvani

Production – Nikos Mitakidis, Evangelia Kougioumoutzi

Marketing – Alan Knapman, Constance Kratsa, Lydia Imirtziadis,

Katerina Kaselimi, Eirini Fasia, Harissa Helioti, Ilias Alexeas, Elli Siora

Ticket management – Achilleas Kapanidis

Programme – Afroditi Pekou, Alan Knapman

Set and Graphics – Angeliki Xifara

Props – Klery Kourouvani

Supporting Crew

Sound – Akis Savvopoulos

Surtitles – Panagiota Koliatsa

Lighting – Romanos Nianios

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