Back in September 2013, a new theatre group, Praxis ('Πράξις', meaning 'Action') was established by the Oxford University Greek Society. Our mission is to introduce contemporary Greek plays performed in their original language to an English-speaking audience, an element previously missing from Oxford's vibrant international cultural scene and Oxford's long standing tradition of Classical Greek theatre, which our work has come to complement.

Praxis is a diverse, open group with a shared love for theatre and which is constantly evolving. We have established our unique identity and have succeeded in achieving our vision in creating a space for contemporary Greek theatre in Oxford.

Praxis has had the honour and pleasure to have been led by established, professional directors since its very inception. We have actively sought to engage professionals in this venture as we considered this an integral part in staging high quality productions. We made our début in 2014 with Manos Tsotras, while we were still simply known as the theatre group of the Oxford University Greek Society, and since 2015, we have been guided by Anastasia Revi.

Anastasia Revi

Director 2015-present

A voice moving between creative passion and questioning of everything, Anastasia Revi is the Artistic Director of the award-winning Theatre Lab Company, a London-based international team, founded in 1997, with a significant amount of productions and participation in festivals worldwide. Theatre Lab Company has been invited to perform at various European venues and international festivals, including Edinburgh, Belgrade, Prague, Dublin, Avignon, Greece and New York. Anastasia and Praxis started their joint journey in the magical world of theatre in December 2014.


Manos Tsotras

Director 2013-14

Manos Tsotras is a Greek actor, writer, director and radio producer. He has directed the plays "Μπαμπά μην ξαναπεθάνεις Παρασκευή", "Εσωτερικαί Ειδήσεις", "The owl and the pussycat", "Chesapeake", "Rudisha" and "Πλούτος" in Athens, Thessaloniki and London. He has worked in more than 15 TV series in Greece on channels MEGA, ANT1, STAR, ALPHA and ET1. As an actor, he has played in more than twenty projects including "Μπαμπα μην ξαναπεθάνεις Παρασκευή", which is the longest-running comedy in Greece. As a radio producer, Manos has collaborated with the Radio Stations Ελλάδα, Galaxy, Best and Profit in Athens, and London Greek Radio in London.